Implemented Digital Online X-Ray Transmission (DOTS) in Foreign Workers’ Medical Examination Programme. An initiative towards Sustainable Business Operations through innovative Digital TB screening & Diagnostics system to stop the chemical waste that causes environmental damages.

The DOTS system plays a significant role in shortening delays in Chest X-Ray diagnosis. It fastens the screening process by shortening the waiting time for the analogue X-Ray films to be delivered to FOMEMA X-Ray centre.


FOMEMA goes extra-mile to provide convenience with the launch of FOMEMA Online Web Portal.

A one-stop online platform that allows FOMEMA registration, payment, selection of panel clinics to be made at the end of fingertips.


Foreign Worker Biometric Verification System introduced Medical Examination System and rolled out at more than 3,000 FOMEMA service providers throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

An integrated system with the Immigration Department of Malaysia, to overcome issues of identity theft with the fingerprint verification system.


Another new system integration with Foreign Workers’ Insurance Programme Providers in Malaysia.

An added-value synced on FOMEMA Online Web Portal designed to directly link employers to be able to purchase Foreign Workers’ Insurance Scheme from their preferred insurance providers.